April Fool’s Day and the Pandemic have cured me of nail biting/picking for 70 years. When I tell you the condition of my nails it is a wonder I don’t have a digit amputation. My Mother tortured, LOL , me with some of her remedies until she gave up. For Proms or special events I would wear 10 bandaids for a few weeks to be able have nails, I had therapy, many painful infections but it was useless till April 1st 2020. I have now stopped this horribly, disgusting, mind-fucking habit. Not until I entered medical sales did I have do something quick. Introduced to acrylics, I rushed to a nail salon. From there I went to gel-now I no longer need this because who knows, maybe a miracle. Whenever, I talk about acrylics it reminds me of the The Elvis stamp, when I was working in medical sales. Myself & Donna were going to there even though we both we both working. We meet at company & tell boss we have a presentation in Chelsea . Laughing all the way to the subway heading to the main NYC Post Office on 34th & 8th: we are going to the big celebration plus we can buy stamps/postcards & get stamps that post marked ELVIS STATION. Walk into the Post Office, I experienced what the Red Carpet walk was . Reporters, camera crews, Elvis impersonators, and lines everywhere for Elvis Swag. It was everything we hoped it would be and more.

Preparing for this extravaganza, I had my nails decorated with the Empire State Building and World Trade Center hoping I would get on TV. Yeah, not giving a hoot my boss would see me, Lol. Sure enough ENTERTAINMENT TONIGHT interviewed me; Donna backed out. Boldly, I displayed my nails; camera close up takes in the nails & comments. “Why did you come here today,” he asks. My voice melting I said cause I love Elvis so much. Why, he says,” I love those swiveling hips& demonstrated LOL. Donna, her husband & I head off to celebrate and see what swag we each got & toast me for being on TV & then we made our plan for tomorrow in case someone says I saw you on TV. Sure enough, the boss told me he saw me on Entertainment Tonight. I vehemently denied it, my malarkey bamboozled him. We deserved Tony’s for how great we were. It was a moment.

First, I thought probably not engaging in my addiction was the wearing of an above the elbow splint for 2weeks & cast 4weeks. When all was off I am still not engaging in that horror show. I fell on April Fools & during Pandemic , I had a miracle or possibly it was because I did fall on Fools Day& this is my FU.Lol Now I have nails, and manicure them myself.


How to avoid your ass getting burned. Going out in your new silk/rayon/dacron etc any fabric ending in an “on” DO NOT TURN ON YOUR SEAT WARMER! I learned the sizzling way. Wearing red7white stripe pants made of Rayon & I crank up my seat warmer to 4lites. Ouch! I feel my buttocks tingling & feeling overly hot and probably moments away from the foul odor of an ass burning!!! Heed this message have something between the “on” materials and your seat warmers!!



If you want to be scared skinny watch this horror movie. TRICK’R TREAT was made in 2009 and it is the ultimate scream movie. This the story of the of Halloween night on one neighborhood block. Stories of different neighbors and the secrets that are interwoven to scare the piss out of you. You will think twice about going out on Halloween and meeting peeps in masks. I was screaming!!!!

Lil Bit of Ireland

Want to feel like your are in Dublin amidst an Irish family of 3 strong women with tremendous laughs go see MY LITTLE GEM at The Irish Repertory Theatre. The theater is small but beautiful. The orchestra seats are a sea of greenness. The theatre is a renovated warehouse. The company is devoted exclusively to bringing Irish & Irish-American works to the stage.

Restivo’s Italian Restaurant

A quaint Italian ristorante on 22nd & 7th Avenue. Great lunch menu reasonably priced. A cozy small, old wood-paneled & neighborhood feel. outside dining. I had 4 cheese Tortelllini that was indescribely delicious. service friendly